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Model Schools Plan

Solving difficult problems facing American Public schools is always a challenge, but the Educational Advisory Foundation has developed a Model Schools Plan. The program will turn out quick results by making good schools into Schools of Excellence. The Model Schools Plan is an organizational model which will work within the school structure to resolve serious problems individually, ultimately linking all schools across America together for success.

Good to Greatness Approach:

Our program will produce immediate positive solutions since we will focus on providing support for teachers and students in the schools that make, or come close to achieving, adequate annual progress. Sometimes, small adjustments can reflect the needed results to make these Schools of Excellence. Solutions and strategies are transferable and applicable at any level of school achievement and will provide pathways for greater accomplishments for the struggling under-performing institutions.

GOAL 1: Keep Highly Motivated Teachers in the Teaching Profession

Fifty percent of all new teachers leave the teaching profession within their first five years of teaching. This statistic is true all across America. They are disillusioned.

The main reasons instructors leave are consistent under-funding for supplies and materials, excessive job requirements for non-instructional tasks, lack of administrative support, and lack of teacher training and qualifications.

Job Satisfaction:

Teachers do not perceive themselves or their postions with a sense of satisfaction or accomplishment. No matter how hard teachers work, jobs are never good enough to satisfy parents or school administrators. More expectations and requirements are added daily. Additional paperwork and required testing policies and procedures have become unrealistic, and the simple truth for many teachers is that requirements have become overwhelming. EAF can affect job satisfaction by improving productivity. If teachers have the necessary supplies, equipment, and tools needed to do their jobs effectively, their occupation will be more gratifying.

EAF will:

- Support professional training and mentoring programs for teachers.
- Purchase classroom materials and supplies.
- Purchase classroom computers, smart boards, and other technology products.
- Develop a database for teachers.

Financial Support:

Non-instructional tasks and distractions drain teachers' energy levels and impact their ability to focus one hundred percent on quality instruction.

An effective counter to this problem is to improve teacher morale and increase productivity by providing classroom materials, programs, equipment, and supplies. Teachers need the right tools to do their job.

Professional Support:

EAF experienced professionals will mentor along side teachers in order to coach them in solving problems.


Some teachers are not properly trained or are unqualified to teach in their current assignments. EAF believes the strategy for keeping educators in the profession is to provide financial support in order for them to attain advanced degrees and recertification. While they recognize the importance of training, teachers' salaries don't provide them with the financial means to seek necessary instruction.

GOAL 2: Improve Student Performance and Increase Graduation Rates

How has the American Educational System failed American students? American public schools and students are falling further and further behind American private schools and the school systems of other nations.

Learning should be exciting, so how do young children lose their excitement for learning?

Each child is unique and comes to school with different abilities and needs. How can learning stimulate if students don't have adequate facilities, programs, or materials?

Most large city school systems in America have a graduation rate as low as 50 percent.

EAF will:

- Support exciting, challenging academic programs.
- Support innovative programs that pay for student performance and graduation coaches who work with    at-risk students.
- Support pre-k plans with early testing and identification of individual needs.
- Support the development and implementation of alternative and technology schools.
- Fund after-school activities, sport leagues, summer programs.
- Support school counselors and community counseling.

GOAL 3: Improve School Facilities and Equipment

School facilities need to be improved in schools across America. Some suburban schools have the best school facilities, while most urban schools are severely inadequate.

Seeking funding from other sources to make improvements to school facilities can assist the effort in making Schools of Excellence.

EAF will:

- work with private individuals, foundations, corporations, state and federal agencies to provide extra funding for schools to enlarge or to improve their facilities.

- work to receive Community Enhancement Grants which provide funds for construction of school recreational facilities or to make improvement to school facilities.